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Team List Information

Teams lists can be accessed by navigating the menu on the right. Players names will appear on a team if they are associated with that team in the IHNSW database.

The team list form can also be downloaded. Team managers can complete the team list online, print, and then take to the game to hand in to the official scorekeeper. If team managers do not have the faclilites to complete online they can resort to 'old fashioned' pen and paper.

The following are some simple rules when filling out team lists, they are:

  • Only player’s names may appear on this sheet. 20 forwards, defence and 2 Goalkeepers.
  • Captain, Alternates, Goalkeepers and Imports must be shown.
  • Starting line-up must be marked with an *
  • Registered numbers MUST be shown – Players and Officials.
  • Team Officials must be listed – Maximum of four.
  • Listed Players and Officials only are allowed on the bench.
  • Official Scorer will not accept an incomplete sheet.
  • If completing team sheet with pen and paper ... please PRINT CLEARLY IN NUMERICAL ORDER.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0. is needed for .pdf version of the Team List.

Team List