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"Playing Up" Approval

Eligible players aged under 18 years, wishing to "play up" into a higher grade than their grade of registration, are required to lodge an 'Annual Playing Up Approval Form' for each and every higher grade.

The fully completed form must be lodged with the Association prior to the first game in the specific grade, bearing the approval of the parent or guardian, coach, manager and a club office bearer. This can be faxed through to the office before the game. The reasons for this are:

  • The IHNSW "duty of care" to ensure that the nominated parties are all of the opinion that the player has the ability to compete proficiently and safely at the proposed level.
  • The administrative needs to ensure that all those involved are aware that the player will be committed to play for more than one team, and that they accept the logistical implications of this.
  • To place a check on any inadvertent displacement of an existing player in the proposed team, who as an accepted financial member of the team, must be given the first right to that place in the team.

Download the Under Age Playing Up Consent & Approval Form

"Playing Up" List

Registered Grade Playing Up Grade Team
No playing up members