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State Team Eligibility

To be eligible to play for IHNSW in the McCrae-Williamson, Ginsberg, Kurt De Fris, Tange, Joan McKowen Memorial and Brown National Championships, a player must be a permanent resident, have a visa of two years or more validity, or be an Australian Citizen. No import players are permitted to compete in these Championships.

National Team Eligibility

Strict rules govern the inclusion of non-Australian born players representing Australia in IIHF Championships. To avoid future disappointments, IHNSW refers all players with permanent residency or intentions of gaining permanent residency, to the IHA Handbook for clarification of eligibility criteria.

Non-Australian born players under 18 years of age who arrive in Australia after their tenth birthday - regardless of whether they previously played ice hockey or not, must have held an IIHF transfer Letter of Approval for a minimum of two years in order to be considered eligible to play in a National Team.

To avoid future possible disappointment, IHNSW suggests that all non-Australian born players apply for an IIHF transfer Letter of Approval if he/she is:

  • An Australian resident (citizen or otherwise);

  • Under the age of 18 years; and

  • Migrated to Australia after their tenth birthday.

2020 State Team Representatives

No State Team Representatives to report.

2020 National Team Representatives

No National Team Representatives to report.