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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before making an enquiry on the right, you may find your answer in the our FAQs below or in the IHNSW Handbook.

Q I have just moved from Canada/USA/Overseas and I want to play Hockey?

A Go to Rules Governing Imports / Overseas Visitors in our Handbook.

Q I want to take my family to watch some Hockey, when is it on?

A For information about game scheduling, go to the Competition page on our website..

Q When are the next referee's courses?

A For information about referee's courses, go to the Events page on our website.

Q When are the next coach's courses?

A for information about coach's courses, go to the Events page on our website.

Q When and where are the National Championships?

A For information about National Championships go to our website Home page.

Q How do I get in contact with an IHNSW club?

A For information about IHNSW clubs, go to the Clubs pages on our website.

Q Where can I buy Ice Hockey Merchandise?

A For more information about Ice Hockey Merchandise, go to the Clubs pages and access their websites. Also see www.iha.org.au.